Saturday, April 1

Growing Calendula officinalis in pots

I've become very into growing plants from seeds these days. It's a simple pleasure that I enjoy very much.

I sowed calendula seeds indoors eight days ago. Every single seed has started growing which makes me very pleased indeed!

They'll get bigger pots in a few weeks, and will then be moved outdoors to the balcony.
Hopefully, they'll get enough sun so they'll look like these in a couple of months:

I intend to use the flowers to make a calendula cream - that is if I get enough flowers to do that.
I like making my own creams, deodorants, exfoliating skin products, etc. Being able the grow one or two ingredients myself, makes it even more fun!

The flowers are edible, so maybe I'll use them as decorations in a salad. Wouldn't that be just lovely?

It would be nice to be able to pick a few flowers and put in a vase indoors as well.

I'm probably way too optimistic about the amount of flowers I'll get...;-) I don't even know yet if they'll thrive on my balcony or not. Anyway, I'd better plant some more seeds outdoors when the weather gets warmer.

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