Sunday, June 12

Moving houses

It's time to move houses again. I like packing light, but it's easier said than done.

But I've learnt some things from previous moves. 

1. It's great if you've got the time to declutter before the move.

2. The next best alternative is to declutter immediately after moving house. Either you unpack one item at the time as you find the need for it, or you speed things up a bit and unpack one box at a time. You question your need for every single thing you pick up. 

  • Do I really need this? 
  • How often do I use it? 
  • Have I got the space for it? 
  • Do I like it? 

3. Or you unpack ASAP and procrastinate the hassle of decluttering. Maybe you'll get around to it later, or you just can't be bothered...   

Decluttering can save you some money in the end. Maybe, you'll find yourself needing less space. Less space to store your stuff means less need for a big house or apartment. 

Saturday, March 26

It's been a long time

This blog has been dormant for a while. I haven't written a blog post for a long time. A lot of things happened to me last year - an involuntary move from my flat, bad health, and a new job amongst other things.

I haven't had the energy for blogging, but I haven't abandoned my strive for a simplistic lifestyle.

Thanks to my frugal lifestyle, I recently reached a small savings goal of mine to have some money tucked away for a rainy day. It feels good to know that if I get ill again or lose my job, I'll get by for a couple of months without financial worries.

What benefits do you think less consumption would bring you? Maybe you've been on this road of less consumption for a long time? In that case, what has it brought you?