Sunday, September 6

A minimalistic wardrobe

I want to keep it simple. I want to dress well without having a lot of clothes.

I like the idea of having a capsule wardrobe. My wardrobe this autumn includes less than 37 items. Thus, my wardrobe is more minimalistic, but the concept is the same.

Since I cleaned out my closet, I've got very few bottoms. I think I may have to buy a new pair of trousers actually. I've got one pair of blue jeans, and a new black merino wool skirt.

I've got a lot more tops than bottoms, so I don't need to make any new purchases. 

But I'm thinking about buying a matching cardigan in merino wool. Maybe in the colour black, purple or blue. 

Choosing a few colours is important if you want to be able to combine as many items s possible. Here's some advice on how to create your colour palette.

Sunday, August 30

A simple pleasure

I love plants, but I don't have a garden of my own. Maybe I'll have a garden of my own someday, but in the meantime, I take pleasure in public gardens, parks and plant nurseries.  

I took the pictures below in a plant nursery. 

Nowdays, I appreciate simple plants more than I did before.

Who doesn't love butterflies? The plants below attracts them. 

I grew delphiniums in a garden once.

Monday, July 6

I used to love staying in hotels

A few years ago, I realised that I loved staying in hotels more than living at home. Why? I liked the interior in the hotels I stayed in. There was no mess in the bathroom, and no stuff on the tables and other surfaces. There were no excess things that had to be registrered and processed in my mind. It was a sheer joy to unpack what little I had brought, and knowing that it was all I needed. 

But it became pretty expensive staying in hotelrooms in order to escape the mess of my home... I realised that I would like it better at home if I got rid of some stuff and kept the place in better order. 

At first, I thought the solution was better storage. I was wrong. After a while, I realised that new boxes weren't solving anything. I was just moving stuff around in an attempt to find a better place for it. 

I came to the conclusion that I had to get rid of a lot more stuff. Not just getting rid of a little now and then, but a major downsizing of my home was needed. I needed to see a palpable difference everywhere. Less stuff laying around on the surfaces of the rooms, less clothes in the wardrobe, less utensils in the kitchen, less things in the drawers, and so on. 

It is a big difference now, and I actually like being at home. I no longer feel the need to go away in order to be able to relax. 

I'm not done yet, but it's good enough for now. I have clean surfaces and I can easily maintain them. I can just kick back and enjoy!

I simply love orchids

They bring me a lot of joy when they blossom.

I enjoy having plants indoors, but I don't want to spend a lot of time tending to them. Orchids are perfect if you choose the right ones.

Tuesday, June 30

Vacation at home

I like travelling and getting a change of air, but right now I can't afford it. It's partly due to the fact that my priorities lately have been healthy organic food and good shoes. So there's no need to pity me. :-)

I'm not the only one who has to stay at home. But there are a lot of things to enjoy nearby. There are often, regardless of your location, places to go to and things to discover that do not cost much or even are free.

It's a good thing if you like the outdoors, because many free things includes going outside and enjoying the scenery. In summertime, I like to prepare a simple picknick and enjoy it in some beautiful place preferably by the water.

At this website, there are some great tips on free things to do in Stockholm.

The best thing about Stockholm, in my opinion, is the beautiful views and the closeness to water wherever you are. And it's completely free!

Monday, June 15

Visit Tyresö slott

The castle in Tyresö is situated about 20 kilometers south of the city. It's great for an outing.

You can easily go there by public transportation and have a picknick in the park. There's no entrance fee to the park, only to the castle itself if you wish to join a guided tour.

Walking in Stockholm

A walk in Gröndal in Stockholm

Walking is a simple and an enjoyable pleasure i Stockholm. 

One nice walking path starts at the boatclub in Gröndal. You walk by the water towards Ekensberg.

Voluntary simplicity

It's been called many things... Voluntary simplicity, simple living, downshifting, minimalism... 

Definitions vary a little bit, but it's about consuming less, leading a more simple life with more space and time for things that really matter. 

For me, voluntary simplicity means simplifying my life in order to have better health. I lose balance when there are too many things around me competing for my attention. Things that distract me from the things that are more important. 

I want to get rid of all the mess, needless stuff, too many activities, unnecessary stress and too many trivial choices in everyday life. 

My goal is to simplify my life, and make sustainable and organic choices when it comes to food, clothing, hygienic products and so on.